Say hello to Katerco!

Say hello to Katerco!

     The past year has been incredible for us here at The Thrive Foundation. We have had the opportunity to participate in fantastic events and meet wonderful people like yourself. The relationships we’ve built with people like you are the backbone of our business, so we wanted to let you know first about something exciting we’ve had brewing behind the scenes…

     We are pleased to announce that The Thrive Foundation is now known as Katerco Coffee! We may be called something new, but we’re still the same people selling the same great coffee and supporting the same extraordinary mission you’ve come to love and expect. 

     While we still believe that our focus is on helping our community thrive, we know that you can’t thrive without the support of your family - and that’s precisely the experience we’ve had while growing our coffee community. Our family has pitched in wherever needed, with a smile on their faces (usually), to help ensure that we can achieve our mission of serving the best coffee our customers have experienced while providing training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

     When you purchase coffee from us, we consider you a part of our family - and we want more of this family connection represented within our name. Keri, our founder, has three children - Katherine, Erin, and Collin - whose names are represented in our new name. Now, when you are purchasing coffee from us, you are not only supporting a fantastic cause but also becoming part of our extended family. Our new name represents the personal touch we bring to our craft and the family-like bonds we share with our customers.

     Some changes will be immediate, while other exciting additions will be announced in the coming months. You can check out two of these changes today: our new website URL,, and the pre-ordering link for the Coffee Truck,

     As we transition to our new identity as Katerco Coffee, we are filled with gratitude for your unwavering support. This rebranding represents more than just a name change; it's a celebration of the bonds we've forged and a promise to continue delivering the exceptional coffee experience you've come to expect from us. Here's to new beginnings and many more cups shared together.

     We can’t wait to celebrate with you!



     Your Katerco Coffee Family