Pairing Foods with Thrive Coffee's Robust New Dogwood Dark Roast

Pairing Foods with Thrive Coffee's Robust New Dogwood Dark Roast

Thrive Coffee's intense new dark roast blend, Dogwood Dark, has bold flavor notes of cherry, almond, and dark chocolate. These complex flavors make Dogwood Dark the perfect coffee to pair with delicious foods that complement and enhance the tasting experience.

Here are some savory and sweet pairing ideas when enjoying Thrive Coffee's Dogwood Dark roast:

Savory Pairings

The rich chocolate and nutty notes in Dogwood Dark make it a great pairing for hearty savory foods like meats and vegetables. Try drinking a cup with:

  • Steak - The slight cherry tartness in the coffee cuts through the richness of grilled steak or beef.
  • BBQ ribs or pulled pork - The coffee's cocoa notes mirror the sweet, smoky flavors of barbecue sauce.
  • Bean chili - The earthiness of beans and chili spice is balanced by the coffee's smooth body.
  • Dark chocolate - Sipping Dogwood Dark with a square or two of dark chocolate is heavenly - the flavors complement each other perfectly.

Sweet Pairings

While Dogwood Dark is bold, it also has enough sweetness to pair with desserts and fruits. Enjoy a cup alongside:

  • Chocolate cake - The shared deep chocolate flavors are divine together. The coffee cuts the sweetness.
  • Cherry pie or cobbler - Tart cherry desserts mirror the coffee's bright cherry tones.
  • Almond biscotti - The nuttiness links the flavors together into a lovely treat.
  • Sweetened whipped cream - Soften the coffee's bitterness with fluffy whipped cream.

Coffee Tasting Party

Host a coffee tasting party with Dogwood Dark by preparing a few savory nibbles and sweet treats that guests can pair with their coffee. Set up a French press, mugs, milk and sugar so guests can experience brewing the coffee themselves. Some party food ideas:

  • Meat and cheese platter
  • Chocolate-covered nuts
  • Mini cherry pies
  • Chocolate espresso brownies

Dogwood Dark is the most versatile roast from Thrive Coffee. With its rich dark chocolate, cherry, and almond notes, it pairs perfectly with both savory and sweet treats. Pick up a bag of the bold beans and experiment with your own food pairings!