Discover Thrive Coffee's New Bold and Robust Dogwood Dark Roast

Discover Thrive Coffee's New Bold and Robust Dogwood Dark Roast

Thrive Coffee is a Richmond-based coffee roaster with a meaningful social mission to provide employment and training for individuals with disabilities. The non-profit company not only produces amazing coffee, but also helps transform lives in the community.

Thrive Coffee is excited to announce the release of their newest coffee blend - Dogwood Dark. This deep, dark roast is Thrive's boldest coffee yet. Made with a careful blend of beans from Indonesia, Central, and South America, Dogwood Dark offers coffee lovers an intensely rich and flavorful sipping experience.

When you open a bag of Dogwood Dark roast whole beans or ground coffee, you'll instantly notice the beautiful, oily sheen that is a mark of a deep and robust dark roast. Brew a cup and you'll pick up notes of tart cherry, nutty almond, and bittersweet dark chocolate. The complex blend of beans creates a symphony of flavors that coffee aficionados will love.

Dogwood Dark is perfect for those who crave a strong cup of java to kickstart their morning. The high-quality beans create a full-bodied coffee with depth and nuance. Brew Dogwood Dark in a French press to really allow the bold flavors to shine through. Or enjoy it in your favorite coffee maker or as cold brew.

Thrive Coffee roasts Dogwood Dark to perfection. They this blend includes only specialty-grade Arabica beans grown at high altitudes of 950-1800 meters above sea level. The beans are fully washed to ensure a clean coffee flavor. Thrive Coffee carefully blends beans from multiple origins, including Indonesia, Central, and South America. Popular varietals like Bourbon, Catuai, and Acaia shape the flavor profile.

Bring home a bag of new Thrive Coffee Dogwood Dark today. Available in 12 oz bags of whole bean or ground coffee, it makes for a wonderful daily coffee. With each purchase, you support Thrive's mission to transform lives through job training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Wake up to Thrive Coffee's intense and flavorful new dark roast blend. The Dogwood Dark is now available for purchase online through Thrive's website. Discover your new favorite morning coffee that makes a difference.