Brewing Thrive Coffee's Ethiopia Beans: A Guide to Mastering 4 Brewing Methods

Brewing Thrive Coffee's Ethiopia Beans: A Guide to Mastering 4 Brewing Methods

Thrive Coffee's Ethiopia beans reveal layers of fruit flavors when brewed properly. Here are brewing guides for 4 different methods to help you make the perfect cup.

Pour Over

Pour over is a manual method that allows control over variables. Follow these steps:

  • Heat filtered water to 200°F
  • Rinse filter and preheat gear
  • Add 28g medium-fine grind coffee
  • Bloom with 50g water for 45 seconds
  • Pour in circular motions until you reach 380g water total
  • Total brew time 3:00-3:30 minutes
  • Floral, nuanced flavor

Cold Brew

Steeping the coffee in cool water makes a sweet cold brew. Try this:

  • Use a 1:4 coffee to water ratio
  • Grind beans on coarse setting
  • Steep 130g coarse ground coffee with 520g filtered water in fridge 12-24 hours
  • Filter through mesh sieve or filter
  • Sweet fruit notes shine


The Aeropress makes an easy, balanced cup:

  • 17g fine grind coffee
  • Invert Aeropress and add coffee
  • Pour water to upper 2 mark, stir gently
  • Steep for 1:30
  • Flip and press slowly for 30 seconds
  • Adds body and accentuates fruit

French Press

Full immersion French Press brings out oils and texture:

  • Medium-coarse grind
  • 1:12 coffee to water ratio
  • Bloom with a few stirs; wait 1 minute
  • Fill French press with remaining water
  • Steep 3 minutes total
  • Press plunger slowly
  • Rich mouthfeel

Follow the guides for each brew method to experience the strawberry, peach, and blackberry symphony in Thrive’s Ethiopia coffee

Thrive Coffee has an important social mission - to provide employment and training for individuals with disabilities. When you buy Thrive Coffee and master the perfect brew, you get an incredible cup of coffee while supporting meaningful opportunities for an underserved community.